The festival phenomenon


For many years, the music is an entertainment way commons to all people. Music is a meaning people often use to express, or highten, their emotions. It’s universal, timeless, and represents a link language often hasn’t been able to create.
The music gathers varied communities, peoples with different taste but with a common interest. In concert, in festival, at the house, during the sport, etc. the music is a part of people’s lives.
Music is a meaning people often use to express, or heighten, their emotions. For centuries, it has been a meaning to express joy as well as sadness, solely for the purpose of listening to it or shared amongst friend and strangers…

Today festivals are known events that attract the world, any type of profile sharing the same interest: listening to music.

However a new kind of festival is create this previous years, some festivals combining music and digital. The digital arts, art which rises through technology, are now very popular. This event used to share music, discover new music artists. And this is a time when art and digital mingle and created some surprising benefits.

Montreal in particular is the new country, promoting the advent of digital arts.

Today in France, we can not really estimate the number of festival, although it is thought to 2000.
I offer below an “infographic” (unfortunately in French, sorry), about the festivals in France.

So you can see which region, which season attract the most of festivals every year, and who are the people it attracts.

To go further, you can go to the official blog of the festival in 2014, and fix your summer holidays !!!

Happy reading 🙂