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TuneIn ! New Spotify for Radio



If you don’t use TuneIn, you may want to adjust your dial.

For years, TuneIn has been a great app for listening to live radio broadcasts on your phone. With this simple model, it has amassed 50 million active users each month. Now, it’s becoming a whole lot more. In an update today, TuneIn has gone from being a directory of radio stations to a full-fledged social network built around live and on-demand radio. Continue reading

H&M Loves Music: a block party in Paris


After a first musical festival last year, H&M Loves Music organizes its first Block Party at the Cabaret Sauvage next 17th  of May in Paris.


This year again, the H&M collection DIVIDED H&M Loves Music gets inspired from musical world and festival looks. To celebrate its launch in store, H&M organizes a unique Parisian block party next 17th of May at the Cabaret Sauvage of La Villette. Continue reading

Daft Punk: a musical marketing based on rarity


Random Access Memories, the fourth album of Daft Punk, has become in a few weeks an object of desire and fantasy. Rarely an album has done so much noise about it and as long.
The duo composed of Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem Christo, are international icons of electronic music. With only four albums and unforgettable songs, they became very successful. The Daft Punk are more than artists…

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Create and share your music!


It is now possible to create your own personal music! In the midst of all of the  applications available on smartphones, music is a category which works well. There are two steps: the first is to create music with your favourite instruments and rhythms. The second is to share your music and make it more well-known.

On your smartphone, you can become an expert of several music applications. Even if you are a beginner, there are many applications which are easy to use. With a small dose of creativity, and you can make music like professional! You can choose your favourite style of music: electro, hip-hop, jazz, reggae, rock…

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Crowdfunding: the future of a home-made music industry


Crowdfunding, before it began being a trend and a noticeable phenomenon impacting the music industry, was a common issue. Described as the financing of a project without intermediaries – but rather individuals giving directly – this type of funding has existed for a long time. From a small village building an equity to acquire agricultural tools in the middle ages, to wells in order to obtain sustainable water in Africa, crowdfunding is far from being a new thing. What’s new, however, is the model Internet enabled crowdfunding to have, and a newfound interest in financing something unusual on a large scale : music.

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