TuneIn ! New Spotify for Radio



If you don’t use TuneIn, you may want to adjust your dial.

For years, TuneIn has been a great app for listening to live radio broadcasts on your phone. With this simple model, it has amassed 50 million active users each month. Now, it’s becoming a whole lot more. In an update today, TuneIn has gone from being a directory of radio stations to a full-fledged social network built around live and on-demand radio. Continue reading


Daft Punk : A French pride displayed with a digital-only strategy.


The Daft Punks, who somehow became mythical characters of the electronic music, are still intriguing by their anonymity. Despite wearing helmets, everybody still speak with them.

Originating from France, Daft Punk is composed of Thomas Bangalter and Guy -Manuel de Homem – Christo ( both 39 years ). Almost never seen in public, they managed to win five awards at the 56th Grammy Awards, held this year in Los Angeles.

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