Daft Punk: a musical marketing based on rarity


Random Access Memories, the fourth album of Daft Punk, has become in a few weeks an object of desire and fantasy. Rarely an album has done so much noise about it and as long.
The duo composed of Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem Christo, are international icons of electronic music. With only four albums and unforgettable songs, they became very successful. The Daft Punk are more than artists…

In 2013, the 26 of February, after 8 years of silence (without the original soundtrack of Tron movie in 2010) Daft punk make some noise on social medias. They posted a picture of their two helmets that forms one. Only one picture that invades web in a few hours and revive the Daft Punk hype.
This picture, which is proving the next cover album, is published on social media all around the world and is posted on wall of biggest cities of the world.
But the world will have to wait until March the 3rd, while the Saturday Night Live Show, to discover a song teaser: The Daft Punk logo, which disappears between helmets, on a groovy song. A few days after a second teaser is released, their voices appear.

It was enough to excite the fans… This 15 seconds teaser, with one broadcasting makes the whole planet crazy and trigger the first world media wave.

Everything is made to generate desire and orchestrate the fans’ expectations.
One month later, at the Coachella festival, an extract of the Get Lucky video clip appears on a large screen and reveals Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams.
Then the public uncovers the whole list of single title of this new album on a 6 seconds video with the trendy media Vine.
For the first time, we heard in live the Get Lucky song, in HTC Festival at New York, curiously perform by Pharell Williams and no attendance of Daft Punk…

As announced by Spotify, the Get Lucky song became the first hit that had never been so listened in such a short time, on the music platform.
The success ensues and the records of sales and broadcasting appear two weeks after in United Kingdom. 50 000 copy have been sold in the first 48h and 155 000 single sold in 1 week. The first song of Random Access Memory became the second single the most play on UK radio.

The press began to get started, and some prestigious press magazines manage to get interviews of the 2 famous robots! In France, some of the lucky ones are Le Figaro, GQ, but it’s only Le Nouvel Obs which has made the most important promotion with 2 magazine covers and several articles….
In April, the title Get Lucky is the top seller. Daft Punk always popular, the group managed to talk about him without ever show them.

Finally, the 13 of May, the group, Daft Punk, post a new teaser with inedited images where we get back in the Daft Punk universe. The unbox vinyl is reveal as well as some second of a new Random Access Memory single. The robots make salivate even more their fans…

Systematically concealing their face, in providing their public appearances in dribs and drabs and cultivating the secret around each of their production, the members of Daft Punk have created a genuine aura around their work and their person. They get under control their communication and know how to create a worldwide buzz.

After all, the album release was the May 21, with the album available by a pre-order on Apple’s music platform. 13 pieces (some up to 9 minutes), about 75 minutes total and … And that’s all.

Daft Punk is one of the only ones who can afford a marketing strategy like that.
With 8,1 millions of Facebook fans (one of French FB page the most liked), Daft Punk is the only one group who can have this kind of practical as frustrating as fascinating, at the same time.
Now, we are waiting to know if we will be lucky to see them in tour and especially in France. Because, remember that even if the Daft Punk group is now living in USA, uses an American blockbuster and has fans from the four corners of the world, the group come from France.

To resume in some statistics, Daft Punk it is:

19 publications (only) in 3 months of advertising campaign
11 spoken/written words on these 19 posts
95 000 shares whose 18 700 for the ITunes broadcasting of the whole album
780 000 liked in total
336 700 subscription since 2010
31 millions of views for the 2 videos on 1 months

Bonus :

New song feat. Jay-Z computerized
The Daft Punk story in a html 5 link




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