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It is now possible to create your own personal music! In the midst of all of the  applications available on smartphones, music is a category which works well. There are two steps: the first is to create music with your favourite instruments and rhythms. The second is to share your music and make it more well-known.

On your smartphone, you can become an expert of several music applications. Even if you are a beginner, there are many applications which are easy to use. With a small dose of creativity, and you can make music like professional! You can choose your favourite style of music: electro, hip-hop, jazz, reggae, rock…

Music applications are becoming more and more accessible with well-designed and easy-to-use software. For the manufacturers, it is of utmost importance that it is easy for users to understand the application and share music with friends. Therefore, music applications are becoming more and more popular and shared online by many users. If they are successful, applications become profitable. In fact, all applications have one main aim which is to encourage somebody to share their musical creations. Both the users and the manufacturers of these applications can become famous! First of all, when you configure the end of your song, there are several buttons with social media icons. It is therefore easy to communicate and share your personal music on Facebook, Twitter or SoundCloud.

It’s possible straight away to demonstrate talent and communicate about applications (on smartphones or tablets).

Jukely is a free app of social matchmaking for the representation of artists. This app informs users about concerts where they live. This app can remember which types of music you prefer; it sends you information about all of concerts near you that correspond to your taste in music. It can even invite your friends to the same concert, purchase tickets directly and create a reminder on your phone of the date of the concert!

This application is available only in USA and on Apple Store. But Jukely announce, there a few months, there are 12000 subscribers. From the moment that you are connect on application; you have several information in terms of your taste of music. The principle is to connect this application with your social media account like Facebook, Spotify or SoundCloud for example. This allows knowing your style of music and that of your friends. Jukely is an open community and permit to gather friends for cool activities: music, concert and favourite artists.

The video on this article shows you the modern and useful application. Conception are very impressive, the designer is called Andrew Cornett. His ambition is to create interactivity between people. Music is very important and concert is always a new experience. It’s essential to share a common passion and enjoy this time! This application permit increasing purchases tickets of concert. In fact, application is on your phone all the time, if you are satisfied, you can benefit to music culture. Effectively, on the world of music industry, the musicians can adapt their method to make them known. Mix, music and news technologies are very interesting because the new waves appear.

Despite of all possibilities with online music, regulation is very strict. It’s important to warn future artists about how the music industry works. The UK Authority denounces music piracy on the web. Because of this, Music Inc has collaborated with UK Music, the Intellectual Property Office and Aardman Animations to create a legal and well-respected application.

It’s a free app for owners of smartphones and tablets. This campaign aims to understand the music industry and tackle the issues of illegal download. The application is constituted as a “game”, users of the app take up the role of managing a music group. This prevention is useful to understand the world of modern music. It’s important to make sure that music and young artists in particular. The chief executive of UK music says: “Our goal is to give young music lovers a taste of what it’s like to work in the music industry and convey a message about the value of creativity in a fun and interactive way”. However, is this app really effective for all users? It’s only a small step towards the ultimate aim of limiting illegal downloads.

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Pauline Lopes.


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