Daft Punk : A French pride displayed with a digital-only strategy.


The Daft Punks, who somehow became mythical characters of the electronic music, are still intriguing by their anonymity. Despite wearing helmets, everybody still speak with them.

Originating from France, Daft Punk is composed of Thomas Bangalter and Guy -Manuel de Homem – Christo ( both 39 years ). Almost never seen in public, they managed to win five awards at the 56th Grammy Awards, held this year in Los Angeles.

“Daft Punk”, which translates into ” dumb punks”, did succeed in twenty years of career in imposing their French touch , composed of a subtle blend of electro and pop .
First, a little history about Daft Punk: In the 1990s , electronic music was thriving on new, cheaper tools, allowing anyone to make music. Daft Punk, as “Air” or “Cassius”, did use this technology to make their own music. Music that brought their own image to a rising scene. In 1997, the duo published their first album, “Homework”, inspired by house and techno grooves. The disc included in particular their first hit, “Around the World”, which gave them access to global recognition.

We then were able to discover the musical universe of these masked men: A futuristic and sharp display of electronic tunes. Already avoiding celebrity, the legendary band will never show his face in public from that day forward.  Always hidden under their helmets when doing concerts, this anonymity allows them to keep a normal life, in spite of their fame.

Rarely appearing on television, their track record isn’t on the opulent side of a flourishing musical production either: their performance at the Grammy was the first since 2008.
But what a better way to create an event? Since rarity is sought after, each of their actions is overhyped. And fans are enough to promote the tandem. They even gave themselves the luxury of refusing to participate at the Grammys when they were selected.
In terms of marketing strategy, it is interesting to see how the group used Internet to release its latest album : Random Access Memories, published last May. At first, they did raise expectations with a teaser on their facebook page, and rumors were amplified by the fans …

As soon as their cover photo changed , one could imagine that something would happen.

Website: http://www.llllitl.fr/2013/05/daft-punk-marketing-strategie-campagne-publicitaire-buzz-musique-album-ram/ we propose to study in depth the presence of digital DaftPunk.

On Facebook
First, some stats on the Facebook page of Daft Punk, who is the image of the group:

• No publications between 2010 (Tron Legacy) and February 26, 2012
• 8.1 million Facebook fans: the most liked French facebook page, but as “Musician / Band” page, they are behind Eminem and Rihanna (70 million fans each)
• 19 publications for a 3 month advertising campaign
• 11 words average for each of these 19 publications
• 95,000 shares in total (18,700 shares for the iTunes album
• Likes : 780,000 (134,000 likes for the revelation of the cover of RAM)

Daft Punk on YouTube

VEVO YouTube channel created in January 2010, but all contents were deleted in favor of 2 new videos related to Random Access Memories, some figures on the V2:

• 336,700 total subscribers since 2010
• 31 million views on 2 videos in 1 month
• 7.6 million views on the video

(2.3 million Pharrell Williams here)

This fourth album has sold about 3 million copies worldwide in 2013. For this project, Daft Punk, previously linked to a French record , signed directly with the Columbia label (Sony) in the United States .
This is a wonderful example of digital communications and global success.



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