New trend: Brands & Music apps


We had the cassette tape, then the Walkman and after the iPod. Since the first appearance of the latter, the music industry has completely changed.

Connected to your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you can listen for all the music you have concentrated in this box of technology, wherever you are. You don’t even need an internet connection to be transported into a world of great sounds.


“The sound of music”

Regarding this increase of music access, more and more brands are surfing on this trend to promote themselves, even if music is not the heart of their activities.

Incorporates into the brand development, music can be a real added value for the brand image. It becomes a part of the brand and its identity.

Even in television or radio advertising, or directly in store, background music is a way of recognition of the brand. A lot of brands distinguish themselves with special music.

If I tell you “Open up, open up”, you will certainly answer me “Nescafé”. If I tell you to remember the Dim song, it will automatically come back to your mind.

So, while the music is present in advertising, brands try to play with it and to create a service around it. To illustrate this enthusiasm for music services into brand strategy we are going to study the Air France case with the application “Music in the sky” developed by Air France Music and BETC Music.

This application has been launched in November 2012, first developed for iPhones and then for Android phones. It has been designed by BETC for Air France Music and it allowed travelers and music lovers who travel to create an original music playlist. The functioning of the application is very simple. You only have to create an account, to activate the localization service of your smartphone and to turn your phone “towards the sky to catch pieces of music hidden in the clouds, and make up a trendy playlist!”

“The app also offers music lovers the privilege of traveling to discover new tracks depending on where they land, from Paris to Tokyo via Buenos Aires; each sky has its own tracks. The success of this new app is such that four months after its launch, it has already been downloaded over 80,000 times!” tell us the Air France Music Project Manager at Air France.

Moreover, the app offers the opportunity to have “on earth” the musical selection available on Air France planes. You can also, by playing games, win exclusive music titles or concert tickets.

At the beginning of February, upon the 48th edition of the Cannes Midem, Air France Music and BETC have been rewarded during the Midem Marketing Competition for the app “Music in the Sky”.

“Music in the Sky” :


But, regarding the success of music apps, it seems that brands are not the only ones to use app to promote themselves and their universe. More and more music artists are using this strategy to launch their new songs or album, such as Jay-Z and lately Metronomy. This new strategy targets a new generation more and more connected with phones or tablets, and less and less consumer of music on physical support.

To be more and more close to their customers, brand and artists are using the new technologies which allowed them to have a new promotion strategy. Music lovers are very receptive to this kind of marketing and advertising because it creates a link between the brand and the customers.

An opportunity that brands will certainly do not let past.


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