How and why applications for smartphones and tablets do they work as well?


Face to news technologies infatuation in the world, people grant more time to discover new connected devices. This is the case for rich countries and nowadays developed countries to have a smartphone. Progressively, people acquire digitals tablets. Thus, new connected objects are part of our daily life and our permit to discover new applications for revel. So, in the big industry of music don’t stop to renew for offer the best of music to people.

Realize an overview of music applications that are the most download on App Store and Android. On music, innovation it is assigned to Shazam application. This application is very useful, since it allow recognizing all songs anywhere. Now, people can watch the music news. This news is renewing consistency of song that people made recognize to application. More, every people who use Shazam can share tagged song on social media. At present, pioneer on music application are Spotify and Deezer.
In France, these two applications are the most profitable. Payable, these allow accessing at all the music on line consistency of musical tastes (listening full songs). Deezer offer to download music on own application in order to listen song even if smartphone cannot receive mobile network (subway, tunnel, plane, etc.). In this two music platforms, news page it is dedicated to people who are subscribers. These two applications are obviously direct competitors. Deezer have 5 millions paying subscribers in 180 countries. Meanwhile, Spotify possess 6 millions paying subscribers in 15 countries.
However, some mobile applications are become in few time real social media. Those previously cited are social media. But especially on the case of Sound Cloud and YouTube. Sound Cloud, permit to share favourite music and follow favourite artists. But this mobile application is much more that we believe. Indeed, all users can be share musicals creation and make them known next to famous artists. Sound Cloud it’s for mobile and digital tablet, it is intuitive with a minimalist aspect. YouTube it’s the first social media in video and music. Application is well built because of possibility to create personal playlist to listen favourite songs. The best it’s when users watch official video clips, they may experience artists universe.

Enjoy new apps!
On this blog, we wish to share new applications, which, in the field of music, are more interesting than another lambda application (we often used to download). Be fed-up to listen always the same song in your headphones? “Band of the day” is application you need! The principle is mobile application offers to discover a new artist each day. So each day, it’s an artist different than yesterday and tomorrow. The songs are free on air and you have the possibility to share directly this song on Twitter with a special hashtag.
Another mobile application and digital application it’s “Les indés radios”. This application allows you to discover the sounds of a new way.. It’s a numeric radio that users can be discovering new songs. Here, the difference it’s discover new radio and new music, not necessarily in our style of music. “Les indés radio” permit also to download podcasts on interview of musical artists or even download live. Interactivity is maybe more intense on radio, there is a playful side.
We made a focus on the dimension of different devices. Indeed, it’s important to listen music all the time but how transport this music simply? At the first time, it’s very easy with smartphone because it’s enough small for your pocket or your bag. However, it’s interesting to examine people who are digital tablet like iPad or Galaxy tablet (Samsung) for listen music. Tablet applications are (logically) over surface to observe and navigate on applications. And developer of application integrates more services and more graphics element to listen music in a way intuitive.

So, for which these applications are they dedicated?
In the first time, these applications are dedicated for people who like listening music everyday. Indeed, so that fill music playlist, just add gradually. In short, it’s a real music library that is provided to subscribers. Thus, these applications are dedicated to music fans and people who are in constantly in search of new music. Effectively, mobile and digital tablets applications implement more and more a page that reserve exclusively to news for music. In fact, music application on mobile and tablet are considerate like a social media, and it permit to meet others persons who are the same passion and the same musical tastes. People between 18 and 35 years old are obviously more present is this type of mobile and tablet application. There are active people who need to “take” music all the time in many movements.



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