How illegal downloads can really threaten CDs sales?


With the development of Internet and the increase of the speed of connections, with all the improvement of technology and all the cheap offers that providers serve as a guarantee, more and more people are using the Internet and consume music, movies, videos content for free.

The Problem

The multiplication of Internet platforms such as computers, smartphones, tablets, connected TV, etc. enable people to be at the leading of technology anywhere.

The problem is that more and more people are using the web to download music illegally, instead of buying the songs.

That mean that the players, the singer, or even the label are not paid for the work they have done. And this is risk for the musical industry because it looses profitability and works slowly.

But, it is important too, to understand why people download music or cultural contents illegally. One of the most principal reasons is that access to Culture is more and more expensive. The price a simple music album is, in France, around 16 € and most of the time we know that a small part of the benefices goes to the artist. Indeed, the majority of the price paid goes to the label and the retailer. So, people prefer to do not pay at all, especially if only two or three songs are good. It is a pity for the artist who is not rewarded for is talent.

The second biggest reason of illegal downloads is that it is more easy to find, to test, and to discover new songs on the web. For example, if you find or if one of your friends makes you discover a new song, it would be more comfortable for you to have it immediately and for free.

The Solutions

So, to resolve the problem of illegal downloads and to protect the musical industry, some brands find solutions.

The first example is ITunes, which indexes thousands of songs; offers the opportunity of the Internet user to listen for free 30 seconds of the song to be sure he likes it, and then enable people the download the song or the album for a very smaller price than in a real store. The perks of this system is that the ITunes user can choose as many songs as he wants and the payment system is secured and really easy to use. You just need an email account and a password.

Two other brands, which find a system to protect artists from illegal downloads, are Deezer and Spotify. This is musical platform where people can choose what they want to listen and can listen it for around 9 hours per month. If they want to listen more, they have to pay for a Premium Account. But those platforms have enormously songs to offer to the users. And the songs are not download. They only stay on the web platform.

So, as we saw, people practice illegal download and it is dangerous for the musical industry. But some companies decided to get the opportunity and to offer new king of musical services on Internet.

So, maybe people are not buying so much CDs in store, but the musical industry is definitively no dead.



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